Friday, September 21, 2018

For our integrated studies about Vikings, we used a picture strategy to answer the question "If there are 20 benches on a Viking Boat, and each bench holds 2 oarsmen, how many oarsmen are there?
The students discovered there were several different ways to solve the problem.

We began our self-regulation strategies studies. Self regulation is the ability to be 
aware and in control of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
We learned about Rock versus Clay problem solving strategies. Like a rock, rock problems are things we can not change and have no control over. We must learn to cope with them. Like clay, clay problems are things we can do something about and exert some sort of control over. We used Model Magic to represent the clay. The students came up with very clever ideas!

Here at Seabury, we like to encourage and acknowledge students' personal interests. One of the students, who enjoys magic tricks, showed us a way to make a paper clip float.

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