Thursday, February 15, 2018

Simple Machines - Pulleys

Next, we investigated pulleys. How do they work? How can they help us?

Getting the pulley set up required some coordinated effort and team work.

Keeping the rope on the wheel was the hardest part!

The weights did seem easier to lift with he pulley than pulling them up by hand.

When they work right, it is a thing of beauty!

 And a lot of fun!

We ended with a race, pitting one team against another carrying a paper up and down the stairs in a relay, vs. clipping it onto a pulley. The pulley won by several seconds, but the Dragons reflected that while it was faster, and it made the work easier, the exercise of running up and down the stairs might be good for you, too.
We will keep a lookout for these simple machines in real life and see what else we can learn about them! 

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