Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Personal Crests

Our overarching concept this year is "Quest," and as we started the year studying the middle ages, one of our first big projects was creating our own personal crests. Each students chose 4 symbols that tell something about themselves and what their "quest" is in life or school.

We've also been working on our class "Code of Chivalry" and a lot of these values bled over into this project - loyalty, bravery, and kindness, among others.

Many of our students share a love of this school, concern for the Earth, and commitment to recycling.

We also love video games!

...and unicorns!

I love how each student's personality, creativity, and imagination shines through in the choices they make for their motto scrolls, mythological animal "supporters" and the crowning decorations that go into and atop these crests. They are proudly on display in our front hall - come by anytime to take a look!

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